Last Updated: 19th October 2017 12:47pm

London Oct 2017:, the leading collaboration and analytics platform for marketing teams, that works with many of the world's biggest film, music, fashion and retail companies including Universal Pictures International, has today announced the launch of an update to its social media tracking technology that includes the development of a proprietary algorithm for tracking influencer activity.

The upgrade enables the automated tracking, ranking and return on investment evaluation of influencer activity across multiple social services, a full upgrade to their Facebook tracking technology and the addition of Pinterest analytics to their suite of tracked services.

Cutting Edge Influencer Tracking Technology

Influencer tracking technology on

The growth in influencer marketing has driven the CampaignAmp team to design, with input from the team at Eastpak, an algorithm and supporting technology that allows marketers to more easily understand and manage this new frontier in marketing.

This cutting-edge, unique technology allows marketers to track all the influencers in their programme within the CampaignAmp platform, automatically ranking them based on a number of key metrics and specific activities. Using this new technology alongside CampaignAmp's existing TimeCapsule feature teams can surface the impact of influencer activity on any KPI and assess the ROI from their programme.

Iain Hagger Founder and CEO of CampaignAmp, commented; "Working with influencers is a new frontier for marketers that our clients asked for our help with. One of the biggest challenges in influencer marketing is tracking the activity of your influencers and easily working out who is delivering the most value as part of a programme. With this new technology, all of your influencer activity is automatically tracked, ranked and overlaid onto any KPI to allow assessment of return on investment."

Facebook Upgrade and Pinterest Analytics

Facebook and Pinterest tracking technology on

This update also allows teams to track Facebook activity on an individual campaign basis, even when using a label, studio or brand page, at both an organic and paid level. Video activity on the platform can also be tracked at both 3 and 30 second levels.

Through the brand new Pinterest dashboard, users can easily surface total account and total board followers alongside total saves and comments for the account. Shares, saves, comments and pin data is also available at both board and individual pin levels.


About CampaignAmp

CampaignAmp, is a London based, market leading, collaboration and analytics platform that enables global marketing teams to work together more efficiently and effectively.

Facebook and Pinterest tracking technology on

Founded by the former Group Managing Director of Ministry of Sound and a former BBC Digital Producer, CampaignAmp solves the problems of modern marketing teams by centralising all of their most important campaign information, from multiple channels, into one simple online platform.

Because the platform captures campaign activity alongside campaign data, teams are able to see what's working and what isn't and make quick, informed decisions about how to deploy their resources, tasks and budgets, breaking down silos not only between departments but also between global territories.

Teams are also able to work much more efficiently, saving massive amounts of time on routine tasks. For example, creating and sharing reports in seconds that might otherwise take days or hours.

CampaignAmp operates in 14 countries across multiple sectors. In Film with Universal Pictures International. In Music, where they have run nearly 3000 campaigns and count all 3 of the major labels as clients. In Retail with one of the largest retail data businesses in the world as well as in Events, Publishing and Fashion.

For more information please contact Iain Hagger